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elysiuminfernos's Journal

elysium infernos
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/ elysium \

n : a heavenly place--preaceful and beautiful--

/ inferno \

n : any place of pain and turmoil

ELYSIUM INFERNOS : is for the ones that dream of a place where the sky is sapphire ; the ones that see the world as a destructive place but still find beauty. it is a community that wishes to build an alternate world; for the ones that dream of something better in all of our pain.

this was built by two girls who are going to run away and we want beautiful people to come with us. please join and post all you want, beautiful stars.

_____We know that with heaven also comes hell. We are the elysium infernos.

We want a mostly safe place, so if you want to be a part of our world, please send us a note, we won't bite too much. this is for hopes and dreams and fears and love and pain and creations and anything, just as long as it's a safe place.

( run by the elysium inferno ghosts in the attic, nanashi and elybean. rar)